The Aerobroom Story

Hi!  My name is Chi, and I am from Newbury Park, California.

I was at my parents' house one day when I saw my elderly mother sweeping her patio floor.  She struggled to move the patio furniture aside to sweep the leaves from underneath the table.  I asked her why she didn't want to use a leaf blower.  She said that the leaf blower is heavy, noisy, too powerful, and it blows the debris everywhere.

I realized that most leaf blowers are not suitable to be used around small outdoor living areas; there's a reason why they still make brooms.  For a quick round-up and pick-up of debris, there is no better tool than the traditional broom...until now.

I created the Aerobroom by attaching a battery powered fan motor to the end of a broom handle.  The motor speed was tuned to produce just the right amount of air to blast the debris from hard-to-reach areas, but not too powerful to blow the debris everywhere.

After I created a prototype, I showed it to my neighbors like Lynn, pictured on the right, who loved it and asked me to make them one as well.  Through many years of perfecting and testing the device, we are finally selling the product.

Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions about our product, please let us know below.


Chi Hoang

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